Cost of an Employee

This calculator is provided by Provaliant so that you can estimate the true cost of an employee.

   Yearly salary of the employee:   $ 
   Yearly bonus:   $ 
   Value of stocks, options, matching 401k, commission, etc.:        %
   Total Compensation:    $ 
Employer Paid Benefits
   Number of vacation days per year:       days
   Number of paid sick days:        days
   Number of paid holidays days:        days
   Benefits cost:        %
Payroll Tax Cost
   FICA & Medicare:        %
   Federal unemployment:        %
   State unemployment:        %
   Workers compensation:        %
   Total Payroll Taxes:        %
Initial Hire Cost
   Number of training hours for this employee:        hours
   Training expenses:    $ 
   Relocation cost ($):    $ 
Miscellaneous Cost
   Yearly work hours available:         hours
   Retention cost (%):        %
   HR administration cost (%):        %
   Management overhead (%):        %
   Recruiting cost (%):        %
   Average turnover rate %:        %
   Unproductive rate%:        %
   % of hires that do not meet expectations:        %
   Opportunity cost per month:    $  /Month
   Number of months the position will be empty:        Months
Total Annual Cost of Employee:    $
Maximum Productive Hours Available:      
Actual Productive Hours:      
Cost Per Hour of Productive Work:    $



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